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With its 250,000 inhabitants, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas . The largest city in the archipelago, of which it is also the economic centre, it was founded in the 17th century by the English. But that was before it became a haven for pirates and corsairs of all stripes. Indeed, a few decades after its creation, the most total anarchy reigned there. An atmosphere that scared away the honest people who abandoned their property to these bandits of the seas!

The Spanish incursions having destroyed the city on numerous occasions, it was rebuilt each time until it became, nowadays, a peaceful city all at the same time port, boarding terminal for cruise ships, world famous banking center for its discretion, and above all a major tourist destination in the Caribbean with its tropical climate, its white sand beaches, its crystal clear waters sheltering multicolored fish and coral reefs as well as its countless cultural and tourist attractions.

Wondering what to do in Nassau during your stay? Here is the answer with our 16 essentials to visit Nassau and taste its pleasures without missing a beat!

1. Jaws Beach

jaws? yes, it is indeed the English name of the movie “ Jaws ”! And for good reason, it is precisely on the beautiful Jaws Beach located northwest of Nassau that one of the films of the franchise was shot. And we understand why: coconut palms, white sand and turquoise waters, all the ingredients are there to relax quietly while waiting for the sunset! It is interesting to note that in the Bahamas, all the beaches are not necessarily free to access, private beaches being rather the norm: the hotel establishments having monopolized the prettiest ones, Jaws, free, is therefore a exception: an unmissable one when you come to visit Nassau.

Other beaches are also not to be missed, including Cable Beach and Cabbage Beach where you will be tempted by parasailing or a Jet Ski session !

2. Atlantis Paradise Island

It would be a shame to come and visit Nassau without going to admire the Atlantis Paradise Island , a colossal holiday club made up of an ultramodern water park – the Aquaventure Water Park – an insane casino, a sumptuous hotel with more than 2,300 rooms , around ten swimming pools and around twenty restaurants and various and varied shops, without forgetting a marina to allow yachts to dock and an 18-hole golf course.

Excessive, it is however interesting to take a tour, even for a day, provided you have a properly stocked wallet: everything is chargeable, including souvenir photos, but the visit is worth the detour and the place has imposed itself. as a must for anyone looking for what to do in Nassau.

To see Atlantis Paradise from a more unique perspective, many activities are offered around the place. You have the possibility of taking a catamaran trip around the Atlantis Hotel or enjoying a snorkeling session to admire the seabed.

3. Nassau Straw Market

More traditional, the Straw market is a small traditional market in the heart of Nassau, where local people come to sell small souvenirs made of straw, this material being popular with Bahamians.

The warm atmosphere and the many stands offering rum and local gastronomic products will seduce you with their authenticity! A gourmet break to savor without moderation when you come to visit Nassau and want to immerse yourself in the local culture, so far removed from the standards and turpitudes of modern life!

4. Fort Montagu

This small fort with four guns was built in 1741 by the British to defend Nassau, decidedly the target of all covetousness, against the Spanish invaders! This perfectly preserved little piece of history is available to visitors who come to take advantage of the many multilingual guides who are passionate about the place. The place is therefore to be visited if you want to relive the frenzied battles of Fort Montagu !

If you like forts, you can also head to Fort Charlotte or Fort Fincastle which are just as nice!

5. Bay Street

The city’s main shopping street, it is full of shops, each more luxurious than the next. It is therefore characterized by high prices, of course, but also by the presence of period colonial buildings… And smiling policemen, who won’t hesitate to take a picture with passing visitors!

6.Athol Island

The small uninhabited island of Athol Island off Paradise Island stretches for 3 km and is part of the National Marine Park.

Every day, ferries take you there and allow you to enjoy the crystal clear waters for snorkeling. It is impossible to sleep there or stay there for more than a few hours, but the visit is worth the detour for lovers of scuba diving and maritime fauna.

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