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I am not afraid to admit that I love cam buckle straps. I still have at least one hunk of rope out in my shed. I have half-a-dozen bungee cords in the utility room. But neither my rope nor bungee cords get much use these days. Instead, I will always try to use a cam buckle strap to do what needs to be done.

I first learned about these straps when writing about overlanding. Apparently, buckle straps are a big hit with overlanders who need to secure all sorts of gear inside and on top of their rigs. Overlanders know how to use the straps to maximum advantage. I was impressed, so I figured I would give them a try. I haven’t looked back.

A Brief Introduction

Before I get to the creative ways I use cam buckle straps at home, you might need a brief introduction to these fantastic devices. A cam buckle strap is a long strap made of webbing material. On one end is a cam buckle. You thread the open end of the strap – or another strap if you are using a 2-strap setup – through the buckle. You pull it tightly while a spring-loaded clamping mechanism grabs hold of the webbing material.

Rollercam brand has an interesting take on the cam buckle strap. Their patented cam actually rotates as you pull the strap through. It is a fantastic design that reduces friction and allows you to pull the strap as tightly as you want without having to break a sweat.

How I Use Cam Buckle Straps

At last, we get to some of the creative ways I like to use cam buckle straps at home. Let us start with the shed. I use the straps for all sorts of purposes, like keeping my garden hose coiled up so I can hang it on the wall. I just wrap the strap around the coil, thread it through the buckle, and pull it tight.

I also keep a hand truck in the shed. It comes in handy when I need to move something like a washer or dryer. A couple of straps fastened securely around the item being moved keeps it secure from start to finish. Inside the house, I have used cam buckle straps to:

1. Pack Away the Christmas Tree

We have an artificial Christmas tree in our home. From the moment I first took it out of the box, I knew it would never go back in the same way. No worries. After packing everything into the box at the end of the season, I wrap three straps around it to tighten everything up, keep it secure, and prevent the box from falling apart.

2. Secure My Road Cases

I am a musician, so I have several road cases that are used to transport sound gear and instruments. Whenever I’m packing for a trip, the very last step is to secure all of the cases with at least one strap. The cases have heavy duty buckles, but I am just more comfortable adding a strap or two.

I could continue on here, but I’m out of space for this post. If you visited my house, you would see cam buckle straps all over the place. Just about any project I otherwise would have accomplished using rope or bungee cords is handled by straps instead.

If you have never used cam buckle straps yourself, go get a few and see what you can do. Not only are they tough and resilient, but they are also pretty versatile. I may never use ropes or bungee cords again.

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