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must-sees in one weekend

Paris, the most touristic city in the world , deserves more than a weekend to explore it, everyone will agree. But for many visitors, time is unfortunately limited and the days spent discovering the capital can often be counted on the fingers of one hand. So how do you see the most must-see places without feeling like you’re trying to break speed records or miss out on the essentials?

The first good news

It’s because Paris isn’t that big! Within the city walls, the city is much smaller than many other capitals, so you will have less to move around and won’t waste too much time in transport.

Second good news

Most of the most remarkable sites are concentrated in fairly restricted areas and in the heart of Paris . The Louvre , the Sainte-Chapelle , the Conciergerie , the Saint-Jacques tower and even Notre-Dame are for example very close. Ditto for the Eiffel Tower , the Trocadéro gardens , the Champ-de-Mars , the Invalides or the Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac museum . By preparing your itineraries as well as possible by district and by zone, you can thus visit a dozen or so Parisian places known to be unmissable in half a day.

In summer

Renting a Vélib’ can allow you to move between certain sites, while enjoying the atmosphere of the capital. Tourist bus tours are also a very good option to see as many must-see places as possible, in record time.

Another advice

Don’t try to see everything! Admittedly the Louvre , Beaubourg , Orsay are entirely fascinating, but by identifying in advance the current exhibitions, the rooms or galleries that attract you the most, you will save a lot of time. And you will also preserve your energy and your desire to go for a walk elsewhere.

As for the queues, there is no miracle solution to make them disappear, but some sites are still more accessible very early in the morning , at lunchtime or, when possible, at night . Find out more, you will probably save a few precious hours. Don’t hesitate to book your tickets online today to save time once you get there. In addition, some are skip the line!

It is therefore possible!. Indeed, both the most remarkable monuments , the squares and the fountains, are essential in Paris.

And if, at the end of the 49th exceptional Parisian site, you have two hours free and you suddenly want to turn into the first street that comes your way, stroll around as you wish, it’s completely normal: Paris is also a must for the charm of its streets and the diversity of its districts. Enjoy!

Map of 50 must-see places

In this link, we offer several suggestions for museums, monuments, squares and other neighborhoods to visit during your short stay in Paris. 50 pictograms divided into 4 zones (colored light blue, yellow, red and dark blue) have been designed to help you divide your visits into 4 half-days and thus allow you not to miss any of the essential Parisian attractions.

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